The Customer may discontinue service at any time by giving at least three days' written notice to the HMLP. Please see the stop service form. The Customer will be responsible for any use of service until three days after notice to discontinue service is received by the HMLP and shall pay the minimum charge for the remainder of the term if service has not been taken for the full initial term as provided by the Rate Classification, or by Section VII LINE EXTENSIONS.

The HMLP may discontinue service without notice if the Customer's wiring is found to be in a dangerous or unsafe condition or if necessary to protect itself from fraud or theft.

The HMLP may discontinue service and remove any HMLP equipment which, in the opinion of the HMLP, may have become unsatisfactory for further service by reason of deterioration, civil commotion, vandalism, state of war, explosion, fire, storm, flood, lightning, or any other cause reasonably beyond HMLP's control. The Customer may be required to pay the applicable charges remaining under the initial term of the contract.

The HMLP will discontinue service, per DPU Regulation 220 CMR 25.00, when the supply of electricity has been cut off because of Customer's default. HMLP will not be obligated to restore service until Customer:

  1. Has made application for service and paid all bills due for service previously furnished; and
  2. Has made satisfactory deposit, if required, to insure payment of future bills; and
  3. Has paid the cost of reconnection at the premises so disconnected, when required to do so. (Per Section FIXED CHARGES).

To discontinue service please complete the Stop Service Form below.

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